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Arts/Cultural Events Presenters

It's never too early -- or too late -- to plan an event for FebFest.

FebFest is a cooperative marketing/publicity "umbrella". Presenters create their events as they see fit, and together we all tell the world about it.

To be eligible for FebFest:

  • Event is focused on arts/culture. Arts/culture includes literary (prose, poetry, etc), fine (painting, sculpture, etc), performing (music, theater, dance), film and culinary arts, history & heritage. Qualifying events include plays, concerts, recitals, open mics, poetry slams, workshops, classes, demonstrations, DIY arts workshops, book signings, author talks, film screenings and lectures. If your event type an genre isn't on this list, ask us if it qualifies.
  • Event takes place in Freeport/South Freeport.
  • Event takes place in February.
  • Event is open to the public.

FebFest promotions include:

  • FebFest posters (these promote the festival as a whole, not individual events)
  • FebFest website and Facebook page (these promote festival and individual events)
  • Grassroots publicity - everyone helps each other get the word out about FebFest and individual events via social media, email, face-to-face contact, cross-promotion at their event, etc.
  • Event listings and FebFest lit distributed at FebFest events to the extent event presenters and budgets allow
  • Paid print and online advertising to the extent funding allows
  • Articles in local newspapers -- we send out a few press releases about the festival, including mentions of specific events; we field requests from the media for stories that fit their editorial goals; and we can forward your press releases to our contacts. There are no guarantees the media will cover the story, but we do what we can to entice them.
  • ??? --- share your ideas!

To get listed:

  • Send us your event information - title, presenter, location, date, time, description, genre(s), fee, ticket info, event website link, event contact (for public to get more information), etc. Please note if your event fits into any of these categories: family-friendly, just for kids, adults-only/21+, content not appropriate for all audiences, features Freeport artists. If you have photos, a logo, or other artwork to illustrate your event, send that as well. We will look for ways to include that on the FebFest website and Facebook page. The more information you send in, the more material we have at our disposal to post on social media and pitch to our media contacts.
  • Contribute $25/event to the advertising fund if you can. Make checks payable to Freeport Players, note FebFest in the memo line, and mail to Freeport Players, PO Box 483, Freeport ME 04032. If you can contribute more, so much the better. The more we collect, the bigger, more frequent, and more detailed print and online ads can be.
  • Pledge to actively promote FebFest to your contacts. Include the FebFest logo in your event promotions, make FebFest lit available at your event, link to FebFest on your website and share/like FebFest posts on Facebook, even "adopt an event" and promote it through social media and other methods with as much dedication as you do your own event. This grassroots promotions effort will benefit everyone, including your own event.

Send us your event as soon as possible so we can start promoting it. If you don't have all the details worked out, send us what you have. You can add detail later. And please spread the word to others who might have an event that could be added.