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FebFest is a moveable feast of arts and culture.

Freeport, well known for shopping, has an amazingly rich -- albeit less visible -- array of arts offerings. Freeport FebFest aims to change that. Many arts and cultural organizations, artists, artisans, and craftspeople call Freeport home. Performances, workshops and exhibits happen throughout the year, and Freeport FebFest concentrates on this cultural treasure trove, including visual, performing, literary, culinary and fine arts. By focusing attention on this 'critical mass' of events at a time of year when people are looking to get out of the house and do something different, we can make great strides in raising the visibility of Freeport's thriving arts community.

The events included in FebFest are produced by independent organizations, businesses and individuals and are presented under the FebFest banner for the enjoyment of residents and guests in our community.

Freeport FebFest is spearheaded by Freeport Players and is the brainchild of their Managing/Artistic Director, Elizabeth Guffey. February is a quiet month in terms of entertainment, but also a time when we really need to get out of the house. It seemed like a perfect time for the arts community to make a splash. Individually, arts events struggle for attention, but by working together in the festival concept, everyone's efforts multiply to reach a broader audience. In its first year, the festival received a grant from the Davis Family Foundation to bolster the Festival's efforts, raising the visibility of Freeport FebFest and with it, Freeport's arts community.

Despite one of the stormiest February's on record, the first annual FebFest was well received. With over 20 events on the schedule, the 2015 festival spotlighted painting, photography, theater, film, music, poetry, prose, food, and more at venues around town. In its second year, FebFest grew to include over 30 events and 2 month-long exhibits from 24 different presenters at 16 different venues around Freeport. Hundreds of people enjoyed and participated in the festivities. The fun returned in 2017, and now we are geared up for the 4th Annual FebFest.

FebFest 2018 will again turn the spotlight on arts & cultural activity in our community. Bookmark this site or join us on Facebook to get the most up to date information.